2 comments on “CoT: Casualties of Twitter

  1. Fake deaths and death rumors have been around for a long time, but twitter and social media have taken it to an entirely new level. The one I remember the most is the coverage of Joe Paterno in his final days. Many people in the news industry tweeted that the legend had died a day before he actually passed away. His family immediately issued a release saying that Paterno was still alive.

    In the days of social media, especially twitter, speed is everything when it comes to online news. But, sometimes quality and integrity should come first instead of speed.

  2. When Neil Armstrong passed away many tweeters were tweeting “RIP lead singer of Green Day.” It wasn’t for awhile that I figured out only Neil Armstrong passed away and not Billy Joe Armstrong as well. When alleged reliable sources give false information it loses trust among readers and Twitter accounts are not helping this cause. People will tweet wrong information all the time and since Twitter and Facebook are fairly real-time updates, they’re prominent sources of false facts.

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