3 comments on “Ok Go + YouTube = PR Gold

  1. I think your point about people just liking to watch amusing videos rings particularly true. People may not remember the title of the song or the band’s name or even that the video had music in it at all…but they will remember a YouTube video featuring guys doing cool tricks on treadmills. The moral I get from the OK Go phenomenon is that it’s all about content. Social media channels are constantly shouting millions of different messages at internet users, and in order to cut through all the noise one must create something particularly original and interesting.

  2. I’m actually obsessed with this video. Whenever someone mentions OK Go I think of this video. They recently did a car commercial I believe? Where they drove the car and hit instruments on the drive? I could be mistaken, but I believe it was this band that did that. YouTube is a great asset if you know how to use it properly. The singer Karmin was on YouTube for rapping Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now” and now is signed by a record label. And the two dancing and singing little girls who belted out Nicki Minaj’s “Superbass” were sensations all over the country thanks to Ellen Degeneres picking them up. YouTube is a very strong way to get yourself out there, the key is to know how to utilize it correctly. Then again, knowing how to use any social media is the key to making it work.

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